Roulette Academy

Roulette is at its basis a French casino game, with its name meaning “little wheel”. While playing this game, the players can wager on the outcome of a wheel spin, meaning the position where the ball will stop. Wagers can be made on the exact number, on the color, even or odd numbers, and even on a certain range of numbers.

Once everyone has placed their wager, the croupier turns the wheel in a direction, while the ball goes in the other way. Once the ball stops on a number, the game ends and the player can see if he won or lost money. European and French versions of Roulette have 37 numbers, while the American version has 38.

rouletteThe roulette game is very popular in casinos all over the world, and for good reason. You will find this game to be easy to understand and learn, with few things that have to be decided and strategized about. There are certain types of bets that will give you a much better chance than others, and you will learn here what those are, but overall there isn’t much to do besides simply enjoying the game.

You can choose a wager that gives you a chance that is as close to 50/50 as it can get in this game, or you can go after a bet that gives you a significantly lower odd of winning, but with returns to match in case you do. If you have a lucky number, roulette allows you to bet on it and test it. There isn’t much to learn about roulette, but what there is can be learned quite quickly. I suggest you learn a bit about the difference between roulette games, as some give you slightly better odds.

  • European Roulette (single zero on the table, better odds)
  • American Roulette (two zeros)
  • French Roulette

Payouts will start from 1 to 1 (odds being 19 to 18) and will go up to 35 to 1 (odds are 36 to 1). The odds I mentioned are for the French/European version.